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  • Evaporator Return Air: 35 deg. F - 20,000 BTU/hr
  • Evaporator Return Air: 0 deg. F - 12,500 BTU/hr
  • Evaporator Return Air: -20 deg. F - 7,875 BTU/hr
  • Engine Heat: 14,000

Greater Fuel Savings

  • Fuel costs recently reached record levels and take a big bite out of your budget every day. The T-Series was developed to take advantage of the latest fuel-saving technologies.
  • Stationary and Over-the-Road Hybrid SmartPowerTM electric operation
  • Fuel efficient engineering for less fuel consumed in all ambient conditions, hauling fresh or frozen
  • ETV (electronic throttling valve) pulls down temperature faster, consuming less fuel to reach the set point
  • Advanced Fuel-Saving Control Technology with the new SR-2 T-Series controller means less fuel consumed

Lower Life Cycle Costs

  • Reducing the everyday costs of operating the reefer was essential in the development of these new units. The following features of the T-Series will help you realize reduced operating costs, every day you run, for the life of the unit
  • TSR-2 controller helps ensure correct parameters are set for every load, quickly and easily
  • EMI-2000 means longer service maintenance intervals
  • Our longest truck unit warranty ever (See your Thermo King dealer for details)
  • Hybrid SmartPowerTM reduces engine hours, resulting in lower maintenance costs

Easy to Use and Service

  • The latest technological advances mean little if the driver can't use the equipment easily and properly.
  • The T-Series features the intuitive new SR-2 T-Series controller and other enhancements for easy use and service:
  • Symbolic Display on controller for easy, error-free operation
  • Easy Service Accessibility to electrical and engine compartments
  • Liquid Level Fill Alerts warn of low fluid levels
  • Programmable Service Intervals and Scheduled Maintenance Reminders keep unit running at peak effi ciency

Cleaner and Quieter

  • The T-Series was developed not just to meet environmental requirements, but to set new benchmarks in the reduction of emissions, waste and noise pollution:
  • Hybrid SmartPowerTM electric operation produces zero emissions
  • WhisperTM quiet operation
  • Cleanest diesel engine in class
  • EMI-2000 reduces waste
  • Poly-V quiet belt technology reduces noise

The Most Advanced Scroll Compressors Ever

  • Up to 10% Fuel Savings with Scroll
  • The clear choice for peak effi ciency and maximum cooling capacity.
  • High efficiency
  • Greater capacity
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Less vibration
  • Lower diesel emissions
  • Less noise

Reliable Reciprocating Compressors

  • The industry standard for proven reliability and easy service.
  • High volumetric effi ciency due to more pumping capacity per cubic inch
  • Reliable, time-tested design
  • Field-repairable for easy service
  • No special tools or facilities required
  • Removable and replaceable cast iron cylinder sleeve design

Over-the-road Hybrid SmartPower™

  • In addition to our SmartPower electric standby, Thermo King's new T-Series is available with over-the-road Hybrid SmartPower™, which provides electric operation while moving.
  • Electric operation uses 40 - 60% less fuel than diesel operation
  • Emissions are reduced by 40 - 60%
  • Less wear and tear on engine for reduced maintenance
  • Reduced noise and vibration by 87%

Reduced Maintenance Costs

  • EMI-2000 extended maintenance interval
  • Reduces clean up and disposal costs
  • Reduces environmental impact with less spillage and less waste
  • Extends engine life
  • Lower maintenance costs than competitive models
  • More uptime with less time in the shop

New TSR-2 Controller

  • New Symbolic Interface - No language required, so it’s easy-tounderstand and use, no matter what language the driver speaks. Designed to greatly reduce operator errors.
  • Fuel Savings - The TSR-2 features several improved fuel-saving features: (CYCLE-SENTRYTM mode , ETV, Economy mode, Electronic door switch input)
  • Enhanced FreshSet™ - Provides the tool to optimize protection of fresh loads and eliminate worries. Combined with the Electronic Throttling Valve (ETV), this system provides optimum unit capacity over the full range of ambient and cargo temperatures.
  • Better diagnostics - make it easier for drivers to understand and respond to potential problems, the first line of defense in transport refrigeration.
  • Improved Diagnosing with ServiceWatch™ - ServiceWatch preventative maintenance logger is a precise built-in recorder that provides improved diagnostics and keeps track of system performance and functionality. It records all operational parameters to signifi cantly improve service diagnostics.
  • Easy-to-Read LED Display - New LED (Light Emitting Diode) display is bright and clear for better visibility in all light conditions and functions perfectly in all temperature conditions.
  • Enhanced Safety and Security - At the end of the day, protecting your load is what it’s all about. The TSR-2 was designed to make that job easier and even more effective
  • Keypad with lock-out
  • Mode-lock
  • Phase-correction
  • Diesel/electric auto switching
  • Setpoint warning
  • Return or discharge air control (with ETV)
  • Liquid fi ll alerts
  • Different security access levels for appropriate personnel
  • Engine and electric hour display
  • DAS (easy control box access) and TracKing capability

Unmatched Quality and Reliability

  • Using the latest and most rigorous testing techniques at state-of-the-art R&D centers worldwide, Thermo King’s new T-Series delivers unsurpassed quality in every unit.
  • Quality and Reliability delivered day 1
  • Dedicated engineering and testing
  • State-of-the-art testing centers worldwide

Available Thermo Guard™ Service Programs

  • Silver - Centralized Billing. Billing made easy to save you time and money.
  • Gold - Extended Warranty. Flexible confi gurations that can be designed to meet your specific business requirements.
  • Platinum - Guaranteed Maintenance. Four service plan options designed to lower costs and increase uptime.

Key Features

  • New TSR-2 microprocessor control system
  • Symbolic controller interface
  • Aerodynamic Thermo Plastic recyclable Geloy injected molded skins
  • with in-mold color
  • Poly-V stretchy belt system with quiet channel technology
  • Self-tensioning idler pulley
  • 60+% part commonality across platform
  • Mini power tray for compressor, motor & pulley
  • Tier 4 diesel engine
  • Robotic welded steel frame with automotive grade 2 coat paint covering
  • Liquid level fi ll alerts
  • Silicone hoses
  • Time tested TK 2 cylinder reciprocating compressor
  • ACTiV (Ambient Compensating Throttle Valve)

Key Options

  • Hybrid SmartPower operation
  • Hose management system
  • Telematics
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Hand-held SR-2 electronic diagnostic tool
  • Body mount HMI enclosure systems
  • Incremental heating (electric & over the road)
  • 134a refrigerant
  • Whisper™ quiet operation
  • Top cover system




Refrigeration Capacity
Evaporator Return Air: 35 deg. F - 20,000 BTU/hr; 0 deg. F - 12,500 BTU/hr; -20 deg. F - 7,875 BTU/hr


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